Thursday, February 1, 2018

El Volcan (Luis Corona)

As the mountain slumbers and the children stare in awe, all young Luis can think about is his searing marshmallow he was forced to leave behind in the melting hole.  How did this day start?  As the gang woke up for brunch in Antigua everyone was ecstatic to hike yet another mountain.  I swear you could see their excitement through their closed eyelids and limp bodies as we rode the van up to the mountain.  Once there we were faced with probably the hardest decision yet: waste the last of our dwindling money on a horse for the hike or face the mountain with the strength of a lion.  I being by far the bravest and strongest of the group stood up in front of everyone with my chest held high turned around and bought a horse.  I only bought it on the way up the volcano but you can bet it was worth it.  The ride up was scenic but since the crew had been seeing the same green trees and mosquitoes tearing at their legs for the last two weeks they focused on surviving what was clearly the hardest of the three hikes...or at least that is what I heard I was on a horse.  Once we got to the top we left our horses and walked down a steep mountainside in order to get to the base of the volcano.  Once there we took pictures and roasted marshmallows inside of holes in the volcanic crust that contained massive amounts of heat given it was still ways away from the actual volcano.  After a few pictures we decided to begin the trek back to the van.  Except on the way back since it was mostly downhill most of us ran it because we are boys and running is fun and stuff.  It was very different running here as you had to focus on where you were placing your feet as you jumped down stair and ducked under trees and made split second decisions over which path to take or whether to slow down or jump.  Maybe it was the "Eye of the Tiger" blasting in my ear but its felt very adventurous and nothing like running in sunny San Diego.  On the way back everyone talked about their experiences...or at least I think they did I don't really know I was asleep.

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