Thursday, February 1, 2018

Oh San Lucas (Parker Richardson)

The city of San Lucas was the first half of our trip, and it was focused on service. We did a lot of work on wood houses, dug trenches, mixed cement and concrete, and helped build part of the school. Our service was done through the mission of San Lucas, and that is also where we had our meals. The food there was good, and so was the coffee. They grew a lot of coffee in San Lucas, and it tasted good black. We also stayed at a nice hostel that was close to the mission, and unfortunately the upstairs bathroom did not smell the best after Toby brought home Boots the chicken. We also made some friends in San Lucas with some of the locals. We met a family that sold papas fritas whom we visited often. We also played a game of basketball with some of the local kids as well as a game of soccer with the workers. There was also a beautiful lake that we took a boat ride across. Overall, the time we spent in San Lucas was pretty fun. The people there were very friendly, and it was fun to practice my Spanish speaking skills when I was buying things and talking to the locals.

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