Thursday, February 1, 2018

Our Time In Antigua (Ivan Sarabia)

We left San Lucas and went to Antigua on Sunday January 21st. We had a 3 hour car ride and when we got there we had a few hours of free time. We went to the Santa Catalina Arch which is one of the distinguishable landmarks in Antigua. The street with the Arch had many stores where we all bought gifts for our families, the prices are negotiable so you can bargain any price down. After our shopping we went to a nice restaurant called La Fonda de la Calle Real where they serve the best typical and homemade food you can find in all of Guatemala. After eating we went to get gelato at a chocolate museum called ChocoMuseo. We came back to the hotel to rest up and have pizza because the next day we were going to have a long car ride. After our adventure at Semuc Champey we were back in Antigua, and had domino's pizza. The next day we had breakfast at Rainbow Cafe then we went on a 1 hour car ride to the Volcan de Pacaya, an active complex volcano which we hiked. We came back and went again to the rainbow cafe, this time for dinner. The next day we had free time all day. We had breakfast at the Cafeteria y Panaderia Santa Clara then went shopping to many stores and markets and most of us bought a jade necklace. We had lunch at the Antigua Deli & Bistro then continued our shopping. We then had dinner at Las Palmas, since it was our last dinner together we were all fancy and most of us had steak. The next day we left.

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