Tuesday, January 16, 2018

63 Meters High (Juan Carlos Reynoso)

Day 5 starts off with a later wake up time at 7:55 and a later breakfast at 8:15. We ate eggs with sauce, tortillas, and black beans. After breakfast, Ms. Quirk and Mr. S. gave us a chance to go change dollars into quetzals. After we went to the bank, we had a boat ride in the Lake Atitlan. We went from San Lucas Toliman to Panahachel, a busy, exciting town across the lake. When we arrived at Panahachel, we disembarked and crammed into many tuk-tuks (taxis). We went on our first taxi drive in Guatemala. We got to the jungle called Reserva Natural Atitlan. (There was great WiFi!) We went hiking in the jungle and we went to the top to start zip lining. We saw a monkey staring at us. The first zip line went faster than I thought and the wind was making me spin and I forgot to break at the end and went fast the whole way. I thought that we were going to get on 2 or 3 zip lines but instead we went on about 7 or 8. At the end, we got on an obstacle coarse. The first obstacle was easy and the second one I struggled a lot. I fell about six times. Mr. S. struggled as well and started laughing. After the zip lines, we went to eat in a restaurant where we ate cheeseburgers. We went back to the boat and back to the hotel. In free time, I went to go shop in the market. I bought 1 sweatshirt and 2 jackets...(why not?) We went to dinner at 6 pm and we ate rice, chicken and papaya. And that was day 5. By far, I thought it was the best day so far in Guatemala.

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