Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Saturday in Guatemala (Gabriel Portilla)

    On Saturday we woke up early because we had dish duty. We had a very good breakfast and then left to hike a mountain; the route was called Cerro de Oro. The hike was tiring because of the sun. Luckily, we made to the top and honestly the view was beautiful. We took some pictures and then we headed ourselves down. Since we left in different groups we were all separated and my group got lost. We did not know were to go but luckily Jaime, the guy that helped us get to the top, found us and helped us. We were lost so we just started walking. After walking for a few minutes Jaime called the driver that had the group and we started to walk toward them. After 10-15 minutes we were able to find them, then we climbed in the truck and left to the mission. When we arrived in the hotel we cleaned ourselves up and after that we left to lunch. After lunch we had some free time, when our free time was done we went in a van up to a Saturday Mass and celebration in a small town high up the mountain. The steps of the Mass were the same, but the church was still under construction, and there were many lingering eyes due to our height compared to the locals; however, they were very friendly and applauded when the priest, Padre John, said that we were "amigos nuevos de San Diego!" Fireworks were even set off outside during the Mass! In the end it was an experience I would never forget.

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