Saturday, January 20, 2018

Juan Ana the Coffee of San Lucas Toliman (Jorge Kuri)

Today, we visited the Juan Ana Coffee Program which was founded by Father Greg Schaffer. Father Greg Schaffer was priest who was loyal to San Lucas Toliman for over 30 years. The man who showed us around told us that thanks to Father Greg Schaffer, there is a successful coffee program in the village of San Lucas Toliman. While at the coffee center, they showed us how to roast the coffee beans to make them from a yellow color to a dark brown color. The Program makes Arabic coffee which is one cool fact. Another cool fact is that each year, 40,000 pounds of coffee are exported from Juana Ana Coffee Program. During the export process, 70 boxes, each carrying 50 pounds of coffee are exported. The man also said that he expects to export 10% more pounds of coffee by the end of 2018, going into 2019. So his goal is to export about 44,000 pounds of coffee by next year.

We all had a very fun time at the coffee center. We also got to drink some ready-made coffee which was very delicious. The man that showed us around had very clear information and backstory of how the coffee program was founded, as well as what goes on twenty-four seven in the coffee place. The coffee program was a very fun experience and I wish I would have bought some coffee to take for my family. 

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