Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Semuc Champey Adventure (Matthew Manqueros)

Our Journey to Semuc started after the grueling 10 hour car ride we had to endure. However to say that it was worth it is an understatement. The scenery in Semuc was absolutely stunning, however I could have done without the bugs. The First day in Semuc we didn’t do very much due to the fact that we were all exhausted. That night however almost all of us ordered a very American meal… Hamburgers. It tasted so good because over the course of the trip all we had to eat was the food from the mission which was good, but it was the same meal over and over again. However the second day we hit the ground running and explored the caves inside Semuc. They were so beautiful, and what was really interesting about the caves is that our only source of light was a candle. While exploring the caves our guide led us to a cliff within the cave that we could jump off and go into the water. We jumped off (I was skeptical at first because I was afraid that I would hit my head.) After we left the cave we went to a cliff where we Jumped off (I was skeptical again lol because they said there was a chance we could hit a rock.) However I am very happy that I jumped as im sure all my classmates were too and we rode away on the river on inner tubes towards our next endeavor, the rope swing. This rope swing was very fun and we were able to go really far swinging on it. I definitely will not forget all of these experiences along the river. We then made our way towards a buffet which had some delicious food, however none of us knew that we had to pay for sodas so that was kind of upsetting. After food we went on a hike up aa very steep mountain (I mean a VERY steep mountain.) The view atop that mountain was absolutely breathtaking. However after we got to the bottom I was too tired to swim and took a nap before we headed back to the Hostel. And then we went home.

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