Sunday, January 21, 2018

Women's Center (Luis Carlos Ahuage)

The Women's Center in San Lucas Toliman is a place where all the women in the town can come together and work on different skills they may need to support their families. While their husbands are at work, the women learn special skills such as cooking, sowing, knitting, washing, etc. When we went to the Women's Center, the women in charge taught us how to make tortillas and tamales. A man working in the women's center taught us how to lift wood up mountains just like the Guatemalans do. We also got to wash our own clothes manually, the way the Guatemalan people do it. Going to the Women's Center was a great experience and a great lesson on how these people live. The center has a gift shop installed inside. All the products that are sold are hand crafted by the women that go their. When one purchases an item, the money goes directly to the woman who made it. this is a good way the women of the town can make a little more money to support their families.

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