Saturday, January 13, 2018

TJ to Guatemala (Kolbe)

Coming into this trip I felt pretty excited. I was ready to learn and help out others. But
before we get to our destination, we have to travel there. The only question I had in
mind was: How would we do it? From the time we entered the CBX,
(Cross Border Express), I felt that things weren’t going to go well perfectly. The honest
truth is, it didn’t really. When we made it through the first part of the airport just before
we went to the TJ side we receive our tickets. The problem was addressed when we
found out that not everyone's ticket had two sides. We thought it wouldn’t be a big deal
so we continued on and gathered the rest of the group. It was late and we were all
tired, but we slowly trudged on and slept through a two and a half hour flight to
Guadalajara. We woke up drowsy and drained. Like zombies, we slowly walked through
the Guadalajara airport in search of breakfast.

Once we were all functioning again we stopped at a terminal and rested. We thought
we had everything taken care of, but to our surprise we forgot to get our CBX ticket
stamped. Like in Home Alone, We all rushed over to the desk where the stamping
occurred. With the help of a lady from Volaris Airlines we made it to the desk. The only
problem was that the desk was located outside the other terminals, so we had to go
through security again. That’s when it got very nerve racking because looking back on
how we thought it was not that important to get the other side of the ticket taken care of
I did not have my ticket. Miss Quirk Also left her ticket in her bag during all the rush. So,
both of us had to get tickets and go through security all before the plane took off. Luckily
as soon as we went through security, everything went smoothly. We then had another
two and a half hour flight to Guatemala. Finally, from the airport, we had a three hour
drive to the mission. After three whole hours of beautiful scenery, we finally made it to our
destination: Mission San Lucas Toliman. We then rested, had dinner, and prepared for the
next day. After all of stress and commotion we came together and learned from our
experience. Though in the moment it was stressful, it made the day more interesting and
caused the day to go by much faster.

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